Dr. Nirmala Shetty consulting with I AM She Miss India Universe Contestants. Dr. Nirmala Shetty at the I AM She Miss India Universe Press Event.

Dr. P. Shetty

Founder and Director, Solution Health Herbal Clinic
Herbal and Nutrition Expert
Health Coach, Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) Johannesburg. SA.

Herbal Specialist”,Dr. Shetty have over 25years combined experience in the herbal healthcare and complementary medicine fields including clinical experience as a Doctor of Homoeopathic Medicine. Currently in private practice as a Registered Homeopath in Pietermaritzburg South Africa. My journey began as a healthcare advisor for a well established Durban health shop group in which I gradually rose up to a management position.I am extremely passionate about educating others and sharing my abundant healthcare knowledge with others . Other experience includes marketing ,sales , training and presentation experience especially pertaining to the medical detailing of vitamin,nutritional and pharmaceutical products.

I have been involved in the formulation and consultation in the manufacture of nutritional supplements , herbal medicine products and nutriceuticals. My research experience has been in both the qualitative and quantitative research disciplines in the fields of medicine , complementary medicine and nutrition . My goals include the promotion of healthcare using validated research and technical methods and to promote the use of integrated medicine.

One of my main priorities is to promote sustainable healthcare around the world using healthcare management strategies that can be applied to all disciplines and professions in healthcare .Having run my own fertility clinic and practice I have substantial healthcare management managerial and medical experience. I have also been involved as a Lecturer teaching adult learners in the Fields of Human Anatomy, pathology, physiology and nutrition.

My Specialties and interests include : Clinical and nutritional medicine, Integrative medicine,complementary medicine,herbal medicine,fertility treatment ,HIV cure, qualitative and quantitative research , homeopathic medicine,medical diagnostics, Clinical icd 10 coding , technical methods and experience in the preparation of homoepathic,herbal and nutritional supplements and many more.

Dr. Shetty ..."We Have Best In Class Herbs Processing Experience"