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Divine & Bridal

Nirmal Herbal's Divine treatments are a great way to get the antioxidants in for your skin and hair. Extremely nourishing and hydrating, these services include facials/ cleanups, hair care and manicures & pedicures. Pamper yourself !
Rs. 1800 Onward.

Our Bridal Packages include a refreshing facial, a special body massage, a whole body waxing, a back care session, a special herbal pedicure, a special herbal manicure, hair treatments both for nourishing and conditioning. This is followed by a Bath Scrub with pastes from natural ingredients. After cleansing the finale with coconut milk and essential oils, all leaving you totally fragrant and relaxed for your important Big Day. Fresh fruit juices and light meals provided during the treatment.
Rs. 11000 Onward.

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