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Originality of products being our strength, treatments done at Solution Health Herbal Clinic are replenishing and rejuvenating. With a hygienic and a homely atmosphere, we use natural ingredients in its purest form and freshly ground on a daily basis.

Formulations Development and manufacturing of the products like Tablets, Capsules, Powders, extracts, Oils, Syrups, and Bhasmas. We have a list of 125 herbs of Indian origin that are in stock most of the times and can be made available in raw or powder form. Our panel of doctors performs suitable trials and tests done by professionals and its well document as per the need of client. It will be done on demand only and the cost[minimal] of it will be beared by the client only.

Our facility is certified, government approved, making sure the whole manufacturing process is Standardized. Being a provider for so many products, we cannot have our own certification. Therefore we make sure either the farmer is organic certification holder or is visited by our marketing personnel in personal. We follow most Testing protocols, specifically as some of them are different in different countries. Therefore we follow the protocols as per the country of sale. All tests done in NABL accredited labs.